Exercise at home

Brits has £1.5 billion worth of unused fitness equipment gathering dust at home – The Mirror

Over one in ten leave unused gym apparatus lying untouched in the home – but half have swapped it for financial gain and sold it online

The average British home has around £200 worth of workout equipment lying unused (

Image: Mark Leffingwell/Digital First Media/Getty Images)

Britain has £1.5 billion worth of unused fitness equipment lying dormant at home.

A study of 2,000 adults found more than one in ten (14%) have g…….

Exercise at home

Home Fitness App Market May Set a New Epic Growth Story | Fitbit, Sony, Under Armour – Chandler Brownsboro – Chandler Brownsboro

Home fitness apps are mainly used for routinely workouts at home. This apps help to keep fitness at home without having to go to the gym. It does not require equipment or coach. With this fitness apps, all exercises can be performed with just body weight. Home Workout is a fitness app which implements various routines to get in shape without leaving home. Demand for home fitness apps has been raised particularly during pandemic period to maintain health at home. Increasing technologi…….

Exercise at home

How seniors can practise agility and balance at home, without external gears – The Indian Express

As people grow older, their balance goes off. Agility and balance are two key areas of focus when it comes to physical fitness among older adults. Vidhya Kripashankar, a nutrition wellness guide at GetSetUp says older adults tend to face issues with balance, reaction time, speed, coordination, strength, agility, range of motion, etc.

“Loss of these abilities can make even simple daily activities challenging. Slips and falls become a common problem. Natural aging process does not mean…….

Exercise at home

How to Do Squats Correctly – The New York Times

What is the single best strength-building exercise many of us could be doing right this minute but almost certainly are not? Consult enough exercise scientists and the latest exercise research, and the answer would likely be a resounding: squats.

“For lower-body strength and flexibility, there is probably no better exercise,” said Bryan Christensen, a professor of biomechanics at North Dakota State University in Fargo, who stud…….

Exercise at home

Summer House’s Alex Wach went from finance to fitness fanatic – Reality Titbit – Celebrity TV News

Alex Wach is new to the latest season of Summer House, along with Mya and Winter House‘s Andrea.

Summer House follows the lives of nine friends who are working by the week and partying by the weekend. The group live together in Montauk, New York, a beach town that is popular amongst wealthy New Yorkers during the summer.

Reality Titbit has found out everything you need to know about newcomer Alex Wach, such as where he was born, and when he decided the finance industry was not…….

Exercise at home

The Best Mini Trampolines for Making Exercise Less Miserable, More Fun – VICE

Behold, a celebrity workout trend that those of us who can’t hold our planks and don’t have a gym membership can participate—nay, flourish—in: trampolining. 

While trampolining may sound like a built-in babysitter for your five-year-old nieces and nephews at the family barbecue, it’s actually a killer cardio workout enjoyed by the likes of Eva Longoria, Julianne Hough, Goldie Hawn, and Jennifer Garner. And unlike fitness trends of yore like Tae Bo or the ThighMaster, it has l…….

Exercise at home

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Review: Is It Worth the Price? – Healthline

With home fitness more popular than ever, you may be considering investing in a home gym. The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is a comprehensive, full-body home gym workout machine that allows for 100 exercises with 400 variations.

The machine is built with SpiraFlex technology, a technology that astronauts use on the International Space Station. While that sounds intriguing, what does it really mean?

This article will explain …….

Exercise at home

There’s a $17 exercise ball on Amazon to switch up your at-home workout game – SF Gate

Try over 24 different exercises with this discounted ball.

Krystin Arneson

March 21, 2022

The TheraBand Exercise Ball ($16.67) from Amazon. 


After two years of avoiding gyms and workout classes yet (speaking for myself) not investing a ton in workout equipment, it turns out that doing the same bodyweight exercises gets pretty darn repetitive. If you’re feeling the same sort of way or just want to switch things up in the …….

Exercise at home

Up Your At-Home Fitness Routine with Frame Fitness’ New Pilates Reformer – The UBJ – United Business Journal – The UBJ

By Darby Jones

With summer months quickly approaching, many people are amping up their fitness routines in anticipation of warm sunny days. People have also increased focus on their overall well-being as we are coming out of a two-year-long pandemic. According to Mindbody’s 2022 wellness trends report, which surveyed more than 16,000 Americans, exercise became an outlet for relieving stress and anxiety for many last year. The survey found that 43 percent of respondents exercise to feel bet…….