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Exercise at home

Try over 24 different exercises with this discounted ball.

March 21, 2022

The TheraBand Exercise Ball ($16.67) from Amazon. 


After two years of avoiding gyms and workout classes yet (speaking for myself) not investing a ton in workout equipment, it turns out that doing the same bodyweight exercises gets pretty darn repetitive. If you’re feeling the same sort of way or just want to switch things up in the home-gym department a bit, an exercise ball is just the ticket. Right now, you can score one on Amazon for $16.67 instead of the normal $22 (and put the difference toward a post-workout smoothie instead). 

TheraBand Exercise Ball


The Theraband Exercise Ball is made for people between 5-feet-7-inches and 6-feet-1-inch, and it has a 26-inch diameter that’s perfect for supporting you while you do crunches. Other delightful tricks you can do with this ball? Put it between your thighs for a little resistance squeezing, clutch it between your ankles for some lower leg lifts, or use it to make your planks even harder (all that wobbling!). If you need more ideas, it even comes with a poster featuring 24 different exercises you can do with that. It’s basically a very bouncy home gym. 

Even if you’re not an athlete, it can still help you out a ton: It’s great for developing your core to stabilize you and help prevent falling, and it’s also something widely used in physical therapy as you recover from injuries. 

The only downside is that while it doesn’t come with a pump for inflation, it does have an adapter for it, so if you have a pump for your bicycle tires or air mattress, you can see if it’s compatible. Grab a ball today and get to work!

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